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FAQ Monolaurine


  1. What is Monolaurin?


    Monolaurin is a pure lipid extract derived from coconut oil. Besides its natural occurrence in coconut oil (up to 47%), it is also found in breast milk. Due to its very positive effects, a great deal of scientific research has been conducted over the past two decades, with experts exploring potential applications in the food, cosmetics and medicine sectors.



    How does monolaurin work?



    Monolaurin inactivates the lipid envelope of the virus, thereby preventing its penetration into host cells and thereby preventing infection. Further studies show that monolaurin acts against many pathogenic bacteria. It penetrates the cell membrane of the microorganism and causes their destruction.



    What are the effects of monolaurin in the human body?



    The potential benefits of monolaurin stem from its immune, antibacterial, antifungal, and above all antiviral properties. These benefits include the prevention and treatment of common cold, influenza, herpes, chronic fatigue syndrome, bacterial and fungal infections, and last but not least, health problems with viral roots.



    What was the focus of the world´s research and monolaurin testing and what results were shown?



    Monolaurin has been tested on bacteria E. coli , yeast, including Candida albicans, Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori), Giardia lamblia, Staphylococcus aureus (Staph) and also human coronaviruses, with very positive results. Monolaurin has also shown antibacterial and anti-biofilm properties against Borrelia burgdorferi and Borrelia garinii, a causative agent of a multisystemic disease called Lyme Disease transmitted by ticks.



    Why did the development of ESSENS Monolaurin Premium started?



    Our goal was to develop a food supplement that would have antiviral effects in the human body.



    How was ESSENS Monolaurin Premium developed?



    An important source of information was foreign studies, which have been ongoing since the 1960s and describe in detail all the properties and positive effects of monolaurin. The development lasted three years and was funded by a grant, which carried out long-term testing "in vitro", i.e. in the laboratory, and managed to create a self-emitting form ensuring maximum bioavailability in the body (i.e. that the entire amount is absorbed in the body). We have patented this completely unique form of monolaurin on the market.



    When and where was the patent registered?



    The unique form of the monolaurin is protected by the so-called small patent, Utility Model No. 33 526, registered at the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic on September 3, 2019.



    Monolaurin is not very common on the market. Why?



    In order for the ingredient to be effective in the body, it is necessary to administer relatively high doses, at least 6 g per day. This problem has been solved thanks to long-term development and the creation of a patented self-emulsifying form. Another factor why monolaurin is not common on the market is its unpleasant taste and also complications in the development of the dosage form.



    Is the content of 350 mg of monolaurin in the capsule sufficient?



    Each capsule of ESSENS Monolarin Premium contains almost 350 mg of monolaurin, which is enough to achieve an antiviral effect when two capsules are consumed daily. The self-emulsifying form ensures that up to 100% of the administered monolaurin is absorbed into the body.
    While monolaurin formulations available on the market contain so-called native monolaurin, which is very poorly soluble and thus its bioavailability is hampered.This means that even a very high content of monolaurin from competing manufacturers does not get into the body, up to 90%. The only solution would be increased dosage, e.g. 10-15 capsules per day, but this is already difficult for users and certainly expensive.



     Is monolaurin safe?



    Yes, monolaurin is categorised as a safe ingredient.



    When is ESSENS Monolaurin Premium recommended?



    Monolaurin has a preventive effect and should reduce the risk of viral infections, in the event of an outbreak it should ensure a smoother progress.



    When is it recommended to take ESSENS ANTI-V MIX?



    The use of Anti-V Mix is recommended for closer contact with the viral disease, because the combination of several food supplements affects the body in certain areas. The risk of the disease is not completely suppressed, but it will decrease significantly and in the event of an outbreak, it should ensure a smoother progress.



    What is the recommended dosage of ESSENS Monolaurin Premium for children?



    In general, food supplements are not intended for children under three years of age. It is suitable to give half a dose to older children, the capsules can be emptied and added to food or lukewarm drinks.



    What is the difference between lactoferrin and monolaurin?



    These are completely different substances with different interventions in the body. Lactoferrin is a multifunctional protein and has a wide range of activity in the body. Monolaurin is an extract obtained from coconut oil, it has a primary antiviral effect, inactivating the lipid envelope of the virus, preventing it from entering the host cells and thus preventing infection.



    Do ESSENS Monolaurin Premium and ESSENS Anti-V Mix have side effects?



    They were not found.



    Are there contraindications to the use of ESSENS Monolaurin Premium and ESSENS Anti-V Mix?



    There is no contraindication known , food supplements can be taken by anyone. In case of specific health problems, we recommend consulting the attending physician.



     What is the recommended time for taking ESSENS Monolaurin Premium?



    If it is used preventively, it is advisable to follow a 3-month treatment and then 1 month omit. In case that the use is during a disease, It is advised to take until the cure is finished.



     Is ESSENS Monolaurin Premium suitable for vegans?






     Is ESSENS Monolaurin Premium suitable for coeliacs?






    Has ESSENS Monolaurin Premium been tested on animals?






    Can ESSENS Monolaurin Premium be used by people with cardiovascular disease?



    Yes, cardiovascular disease is not a contraindication. The same goes for ESSENS Antiviral Mix.



    Is the use of ESSENS Monolaurin Premium suitable for people with hyperlipidemia?



    Yes, it is possible, the administration of monolaurin is transient, so the benefits far outweigh the potential effects on the body.



     Is the use of ESSENS Monolaurin Premium suitable for people with thyroid disease?



    Yes No problem.



    Is it appropriate to use ESSENS Monolaurin Premium for people with diabetes?



    Yes, no side effects were found.



     Is the use of ESSENS Monolaurin Premium appropriate in case of cancer or ongoing chemotherapy?



    Yes, it should be with no restrictions.



     Can people after transplantation or during immunosuppressive treatment also be taking ESSENS Monolaurin Premium?



    Yes, the use of Monolaurin is possible. We do not recommend using ESSENS Anti-V Mix.



    Can ESSENS Monolaurin Premium be used by people with autoimmune diseases?






     Is taking ESSENS Monolaurin Premium and also ESSENS Anti-V Mix suitable for people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol or gout?



    Yes, use is possible without restrictions.



     Is it possible to continue taking ESSENS Monolaurin Premium while the Covid-19 vaccine is being applied?



    There is no ongoing study on this topic, so it is good to look at this issue logically. Monolaurin Premium acts directly on viruses and bacteria and suppresses high immune responses. But we need immune responses to the vaccine to develop. Therefore, dosing should be omitted during vaccination. Antibodies are formed within two weeks to a month of vaccination, after which taking the monolaurin could be continued.