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Work From home with Essens

We are currently recruiting distributors to work from home, selling Essens fragrances and other top-quality Essens products. The compensation plan is very generous, and you can earn anywhere between 20% – 44.5%. There is also a car programme and holiday incentives that rewards team builders and top sellers.

Fantastic Work From Home Opportunity

Essens is one of the fastest-growing direct selling companies in the UK.

Work from home and earn between 20% – 33.5% on your sales with the potential to earn up to 49% after your first month.

Minimal Outlay

No joining fee but to sell our products you will need a kit which includes 60 different tester vials in a leather-bound folder, so prospective customers can smell how amazing the perfumes are.  The basic kit is €26 and shipping is €6.

Sell 5 bottles and you’ll have made your money back, plus you will have locked in minimum earnings of 33.5% in your second month.  Earn on every sale you make.  No regular orders required.  You must place an order in your first month and place one order in every 12 month period to keep your account active but beyond that, you can sell as much or as little as you like.


SPONSOR ID 1010051615




There are 3 ways you can earn 

If all you want to do is sell products that is totally fine and you will find that you can earn quite a lucrative income just from simply selling products.

You do not have to buy products upfront(although you can take orders from customers along with payment, place your order with Essens and your order will be delivered to you in 3-7 working days.


There are 3 ways to earn as a distributor.


Each product is sold at retail price to a customer and sold to a distributor at a discounted price of at least 20% lower than the retail price (with the potential to go up to 33.5%).  The difference is your retail profit/earnings.


Sell 8 Bottles and you will receive one bottle free, receive two free bottles when you have sold 14 and three when you have sold 18. Free bottles can be sold, given away as incentives or kept for personal use.


Did you know that by purchasing ESSENS products you can save money and gain bigger income? It is very easy!

ESSENS Perfume 50 ml, combination of any standard fragrances is possible: 
By purchasing 8 pcs, you will get 1 pc FOR FREE.
By purchasing 14 pcs, you will get 2 pcs FOR FREE.
By purchasing 18 pcs, you will get 3 pcs FOR FREE.


Combine any ESSENS Shower gel fragrances:
By purchasing 8 pcs, you will get 1 pc FOR FREE.
By purchasing 14 pcs, you will get 2 pcs FOR FREE.
By purchasing 18 pcs, you will get 3 pcs FOR FREE.


Combine any ESSENS Body balm fragrances:
By purchasing 8 pcs, you will get 1 pcs FOR FREE.
By purchasing 14 pcs, you will get 2 pcs FOR FREE.
By purchasing 18 pcs, you will get 3 pcs FOR FREE.


Our tip:
You can find these profitable Superpacks also in Colostrum and Aloe Vera product lines!  


This promotion is valid for orders delivered to ESSENS Europe until further notice.
It is no longer possible to make any changes to your order once it was submitted. 
ESSENS Europe declares that this is not a public offer.
This offer does not apply to ESSENS Unique perfumes.
The free products have no point value.
Free product entitlement is counted within one in invoice.
Concurrent events cannot be combined.
ESSENS Europe reserves the right to make changes.


Every product has a points value. Standard 50ml perfumes are 11 points. Points earn you commission on top of retail profit.

100 points = 3% commission

400 points = 6% commission

1200 points = 9% commission

2400 points = 12% commission

4000 points = 17% commission



Sell 11 bottles (10 @ €14.30*, 1 free) you get €7.20* retail profit per bottle = €72.00

Sell your free bottle for €21.50 taking your earnings to €93.50

Plus on top of that, you wil get an extra 3% commission, based on your points total (€3.30)

Total earnings on your order in this example are €96.80

Sell 21 bottles (18 @ £€14.30, 3 free) you get €7.20 retail profit per bottle bought at distributor price = €129.60

Sell your free botles for €21.50 each, taking your earnings to €194.40

PLUS you will get extra commission based on your points total 18 x 11 = 198 points €5.94

Total earnings on you order in this example are €200.34

*discount/earnings after your month of joining (if you achieved 50 points)

Ready to join: Click below and enter our sponsor number 1010051615



Every Essens member can build a team of Essens distributors under them.  You do not have to register separately, there is no additional fee and you do not have to recruit a minimum number to earn from them.  Every single recruit counts. 

 You will earn a percentage of your team members points provided you have more points than them. 



Each team members points are added to your own and form your ‘Group Points’.  Your group points determine the percentage level of commission YOU receive on the value of your own points. 

100 points = 3%

400 points = 6%

1200 points = 9%

2400 points = 12%

4000 points = 17%

6000 points = 20%

10000 points = 25%

15000 points = 28%

You also earn the difference between your own percentage level and the percentage level your team members have achieved, on the points value of their sales. 

e.g. you have 3 members in your team.  You, personally, sell 100 points worth of products in a month. Each of your team members sells 800 points worth of products in the same month.  Each of your team members has achieved over 400 points (but below 1200 points) qualifying them for 6% commission on their own points. Their points are added to your own 800 x 3 + 100 = 2500 putting you over the 12% level. 

You would earn on top of your retail profit 12% of your own points  100 x 12% = €12.00

Plus you would earn 6% (the difference between your level and theirs) from each of your team members points. 800 x 6% x 3 = €144

Total commission on top of retail profit in this example = €156



Simply fill in the joining form online

Click on the “Yes I want to start now” button below which will take you to the registration form.

 You will need my
Sponsor number which is 1010051615

Then fill in your details. Degree is your Title ( e.g. Mr, Mrs or Miss) and National Identification number is your NI Number although this field can be left blank.



You will receive an email with your own unique sponsor number and 4 digit passcode (please note passcode can’t be changed). This will enable you to log into your membership account and essens website online.

You must place an order in your first 30 days to keep your account active. Why not have a look around?. Collect orders from your friends, family & acquaintances at RRP

Place orders from your account & get products at a discounted price = instant earnings and don’t forget to lookout for those free bottle at checkout!

Once registered i will contact you within 24 hours to welcome you and give you further information and appropriate training should you wish.


Czech Republic www.essens.cz
Slovakia www.essens.sk
Italy www.essens.it
Russia www.essensworld.ru
Spain www.essensworld.es
UK www.essens.co.uk
Europe www.essensworld.com
France www.essensworld.fr
Slovenia www.essens.si
Hungary www.essens.hu
Serbia www.essens.rs
Bosnia & Herzegovina www.essens.ba
Senegal www.essensworld.se
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Cyprus www.essens.com.cy
Kazakhstan www.essensworld.kz
Uzbekistan www.essensworld.uz
Poland www.essensworld.pl
Germany www.essensworld.de
Ireland www.essens.ie

Anywhere else in Europe?

You can still register by joining through our European Office

Europe www.essensworld.com

You will need sponsor number which is 1010051615